Greenspring Building Systems

Greenspring Building Systems Inc. believes that homes should be comfortable, energy efficient, and accessible. We use unique materials and techniques to ensure that our homes save you money through less energy consumption, and protect you from the harmful chemicals that are in the typical building products on the market.


"Building right the first time will save money over time, and building with the right materials will benefit your health."

Daniel Levy, Ph.D.


Certified Passive House COnsultant US, PHIUS CERTIFIED BUILDER (SM), LEED Accredited Professional

Daniel is both a builder and environmentalist. In Dan's past, he studied Environmental Studies (SUNY Stony Brook), and earned a Masters degree (Montclair State College) and Ph.D. (University of Maryland, College Park) in Industrial Education. Dan taught woodworking technology at the university level including construction, historic preservation, and impacts of technology on society. He also worked for Habitat for Humanity in West Baltimore, where he created a lead abatement program, taught construction, and supervised renovations of nineteenth to early-twentieth century row houses. 

Using his academic knowledge and a lifetime of building experience, Dan builds homes that use methods and materials that differ from traditional approaches. He believes that we should build not only for energy efficiency, but for longevity, low-maintenance, and accessibility, with non-toxic and durable materials. His buildings limit clients' exposure to toxic chemicals included in the most popular and ubiquitous building supplies. One of his favorite materials is autoclaved aerated concrete, which forms the structure of his current project, the Woodstock (NY) Passive House.

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