Sponsors, technical and logistics support:

Aercon Florida AAC
Prosoco R-Guard fluid applied air and vapor barrier
Pittsburgh Corning Foamglas
Roxul ComfortBoard IS
Eco Supply Intus Windows
All Season Experts Fujitsu ductless heat pump
Delmhorst Instrument Co. Moisture Meter
Woodstock Building Supply
Laura Angelini Interiors
StarMark Cabinetry
The J. F. Johnson Lumber Company Kitchen Design
The Levy Project
Gal Gabriel, architect and CPHC

Products used in the Woodstock Passive House

AAC is a self-insulating masonry product, containing over 75% air. It has a four-hour UL fire rating, is impervious to insects and termites, and doesn’t rot or support mold. It went into commercial production in 1929 in Sweden, and is common throughout the world though not well known in the US.

The Woodstock Passive House structure is wrapped in external insulation. All below-grade masonrythe slab, foundation wall, and footingsare insulated with 10 inches of Foamglas™, a glass product developed by Pittsburgh Corning more commonly used for industrial purposes. Like AAC, it has a long track record, sold since 1939.

The walls are insulated with 6 inches of Roxul ComfortBoard™ IS rigid mineral wool. The ceiling is insulated with 24 inches of cellulose.  

We have used high performance triple glazed windows and doors from Intus, and air sealing products by Prosoco.